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An brief overview of the main concepts can be found here: Main Concepts


This article is intended for all beginners in route planning: Routeplanning Overview

Routeplanning for large vehicles

Anyone who travels with their motorhome and perhaps has a motorcycle on a trailer with them needs a very special route planner. How to get to your destination safely as a motorhome chauffeur is explained in this article: Routing for large vehicles

Using Calimoto andKurviger

A tutorial for using the integration of Calimoto and Kurviger is available here: Calimoto and Kurviger

What is the difference between track and route

You have routes before you set off, tracks after you have recorded them along the way. A very simple rule! In Track of the day , routes can be converted to track and vice versa. Routes generally contain fewer waypoints, are much more compact and are suitable for navigation. If you use a track for navigation, you can only follow it; if you leave it, you are not automatically returned to the track. If, on the other hand, you use a route for navigation, traffic jams and closures can be avoided automatically if the navigation device supports this and is connected to the Internet via a telephone. A GPX file can contain several tracks and several routes in parallel. If you open such a file, it will be extractedTrack of the day the respective elements automatically. Learn more

Support for Garmin and BMW Navigator

A great feature of these devices is that all tracks can be recorded automatically. So nothing is forgotten and nothing is missing after a refueling stop. TomTom users have a much harder time and are often forgotten to record a particularly cool tour. The Garmin and BMW devices create an archive with GPX files. These files start with 1.gpx a few hundred kilometers later comes 2.gpx and so on. So that the storage space does not run out at some point, the oldest files are deleted from this archive after a few thousand kilometers. It often happens that one day the tour is spread over two files. Often times the beginning is in one file and the end is in another file. There is also a file called CurrentTrack.log. The last kilometers are included here. For a complete review of the tours of the last few weeks, everything has to be broken down into individual days and re-sorted, which Track of the day does completely automatically and what gave this application its name. From version 2.1, tracks can be sorted by date, name, altitude, length, etc.

The installation fails

The Microsoft Store app must be installed for the installation. Anyone who has accessed Track of the day via a link to the Microsoft Windows Store with a web browser can only purchase the application via this browser, but not install it. The store app is a prerequisite for installation. When logging in to the Store app, you should use the same Microsoft account that you used to purchase.

The map is not displayed

Track of the day uses the map material from Bing Maps and the Bing Maps route planning services. If the map is not displayed or the planning does not work, this is a sign that these services are not available. Check the Internet connection and the local firewall settings. In the past, several customers have complained bitterly that nothing works at all , the reason was always the settings on their computer.

The application freezes

If you click on the small magnifying glass symbol in the route planner, the search dialog for addresses and locations opens. Your own location is initially displayed here. In order for this location to be determined, the location services must be activated. Data protection -> release position Further information

Google Streetview doesn’t show anything

In Germany, the coverage of Google Streeview is extremely low. The reason is the many protests by homeowners who have objected to their homes being photographed due to diffuse fears of espionage and theft. After all, only a few capitals were photographed. Further information

Videos cannot be created

The FFMPEG software is required to create MP4 videos. If this is not installed, the creation of videos will not work either. FFMPEG can be installed from the application settings.

My device is not recognized

A great convenience feature of Track of the day is the import and export of GPX files with just one click. For this to work, the navigation device must be connected to the computer with a USB cable. The requirements can be checked with the Windows file explorer. If the device appears there, this is the prerequisite for detection by Track of the day. The device itself is configured in the application settings. Up to version 2.1 only devices from Garmin and the BMW Motorrad Navigator series are supported. Devices from the manufacturer TomTom are only recognized from version 3.0.

No route found

If the waypoints are set in the route planner with the mouse far away from streets and parking lots, etc., it is sometimes not possible to calculate a route to this waypoint. Correct positioning of the waypoints can help.

Nonsensical routes are calculated

If tracks are automatically converted into routes and these are then calculated, the calculated route may not correspond to the track. Unfortunately, this is completely normal, the reason is the much larger distances between the route points. Occasionally, you have ridden your motorcycle under a motorway or on a bridge over it. If the navigation system has recorded a waypoint at this very moment and this waypoint is retained when converting to a route, an attempt will be made to reach this point on the motorway when calculating the route, which is of course nonsense. You can remedy this by moving the waypoint, for example.

Wrong times are calculated

The results of the Bing Maps routing services are decisive for the calculation of travel times. Track of the day has no influence on their results . The calculated times also depend on the options of the route planner. If a very long track is converted into a route in such a way that it contains a large number of waypoints, the calculation of such a route can take a long time because the Bing Maps planning services must be called up for each section. If the waypoints on the route are very close together, try Track of the dayto optimize these times and only calculate those sections that exceed a certain distance. How big this distance is can be configured in the application options in the routing settings. For these, often very short sections, Track of the Day uses an average speed of 50 km / h . On a tour on a winding road in the French Alps, it can be adventurously fast, on the A2 between Hanover and Berlin much too slow, if there is no traffic jam. Nothing is really perfect in route planning, all you plan is an approximation. This works sometimes better, sometimes worse, which you should always keep in mind.

No elevation profile is displayed

If no altitude or speed profile is displayed, then the necessary data is not available or not completely available. From version 3.0 this data can be calculated. However, this calculation can never be as precise as with a recorded track.

Why is there no inclination displayed

The recording of the bank angle is not supported by all navigation devices. It is planned to support Garmin and BMW devices accordingly in the future. A new algorithm is to calculate the lean angles from the speeds, curve radius and weight of the motorcycle and rider. In version 2.1 or 3.0 this does not yet exist.

How can I create routing overlays

The routing overlays introduced with version 2.1 are an ingenious planning aid and can be placed on a map like a watermark. From version 3.0 they can also be created. To do this, open a track and right-click on the map. The context menu opens. Here you select Create Routing Overlay . To use it, create a new empty route, open the route editor and right-click on the map again. You just chose Show Routing Overlay . If no routing overlay is displayed in the current map section, no overlay is available for the map section or the transparency, color and line width are somewhat unfortunate and should be adjusted in the settings.