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The new release Version 6.0 is available

Our hamsters have been very productive in the last year. Version 6.0 brings a lot of new features and more great functionality. To get a first quick overview, read the following article. Please note that this application supports 11 languages. Just use the translator to switch to your native language.

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Track of the day, Version 6.0, Routenplaner für Auto, Motorrad, Wohnmobil, LKW, Bus
Track of the day, Version 6.0, Routenplaner für Auto, Motorrad, Wohnmobil, LKW, Bus
Track of the day, Version 6.0, Routenplaner für Auto, Motorrad, Wohnmobil, LKW, Bus

Perfect Travel Planner

Since it was first published in January 2021, Track of the day has been continuously developed. Many customer requests were integrated. The result is a solution created by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. Since version 5.0 hikes, bike trips and even routes for mobile homes and other particularly large vehicles can now be created.

Manufacturer independence was always important. Planning works with many Apps on modern smartphones. In addition, all GPX-enabled navigation devices from manufacturers such as Garmin, TomTom BMW Motorrad, Wahoo, etc. can be used.

Release Notes

Check out our Feature Overview

Planning and analysis

With Track of the Day , tours can be planned simply and easily. Tours recorded in GPX format can be transferred to the computer, displayed and evaluated with one click.

Google-Streetview, Track of the day, Version 5.0.0

The best route planner

The Track of the day route planner is not only very easy to use, it is also unusually flexible. In addition to routing for cars, motorcycles and exciting off-road adventures, the new truck routing has been available since version 5.0. Any vehicle can be managed in the virtual garage. With the new RoutingProfile, each segment of a route can be calculated individually. The best locations can be found during the planning stage using the integrated StreetView function.

Track- und Routen-Analyse, Track of the day, Version 5.0.0

Analysis for tracks and routes 

Tracks can be recorded and imported into Track of the day with supported navigation devices such as the BMW Motorrad Navigator VI. The track analysis shows a detailed elevation profile, an evaluation of the speed driven and much more information. The analysis can even be used during route planning to display a height profile and the average speeds of individual route segments. The curvaceousness and fun factor of each route are automatically determined via the track and route metrics.

Animated videos of tracks and routes

Animated videos in MP4 format can be created from tracks and routes. The parameters of the routes are displayed via the virtual cockpit. Optionally, slide shows with the best photos of a trip can be embedded. Freely definable map styles give the animations the finishing touch. The integrated player can also display videos in full-screen mode. Individual formats, frame rates and speeds can be configured. Thanks to the green screen function, animated routes can be released and further processed.

Virus-free without ad-ware. Software from certified Microsoft partner

New: POIs with pictures on Garmin devices

With version 5.0, images and warnings can now also be exported to GARMIN devices and the BMW Navigator model. This tutorial shows which requirements must be met and how it works.

Tutorial GARMIN Export

Routing Overlays! Plan like the pros

Route planning easy and efficient

Route planning doesn’t have to be complicated. With Track of the day you can plan a route quickly and efficiently without tedious training. Long journeys can be broken down into individual stretchers with the Travelday Splitting function. The super curve expert KAKIMOTO creates new route variants again and again at lightning speed. With the POI super search and the integrated hotel search, overnight stays can be easily planned into complex trips. With the Connected-Routes technology, different routes are automatically kept together in such a way that the next day always starts where the previous day ended.

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Adress-Search-Dialog, Track of the day, Version 5.0
Track-Analyse, Track of the day, Version 5.0

Track analysis with just one click

For all fully supported devices, saved tracks can be imported via a USB connection. The tracks are analyzed fully automatically. Elevation profiles and lots of other information are immediately available. Tracks can easily be converted into routes. All information can be stored in a SQL database. Over time, this creates a large knowledge base in which you can quickly find all tracks, routes and points of interest.

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FAQs. Frequently asked questions and the right answers.

News & Updates

Track of the day is constantly being developed. You can find all the latest news and lots of tips & tricks here.

Track of the day, Version 5.8

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Discussion, Track of the day, Forum

The discussion board is online

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Track of the day - Schnellstart - Jumpstat - Tutorial - Know How


  Track of the day is available in the Microsoft Windows Store for a year now. Tons of new cool features have been added since the first release in January[…]

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Why people love Track of the day

Working with GPX files has never been so easy. After a tour, you connect the navigation device to a notebook via a USB cable and you can immediately see, evaluate, convert, process, create animated videos and so much more of all the recorded data. We’ve been looking for that for a long time.


Tracks can be copied from GPX-enabled devices with one click. With Streetview you can experience tracks virtually.


Animated MP4 videos can easily be created from all tracks and routes. This makes every travel documentation a real eye-catcher.


Route planning is easier than ever. There is no need to purchase maps. Alternative routes are calculated automatically.


All bitmaps are exported at 300 DPI. A great feature for authors of e-books for motorcyclists

Travel planning made easy

The app that can do everything. Import and analyze tracks, routes and POIs from devices like TomTom, Garmin and many more. Plan trips with motorbikes, bicycles, cars, mobile homes or exciting hikes. Explore the world virtually with a 3D view like Google Earth and more than 20 different map views.

Import tracks, routes and points-of-interest from Komoot, Calimoto, Google Maps and many other platforms for analysis and further processing.

All routes can be used with the usual apps for iOS and Android on the phone. All devices from Garmin, TomTom and many other manufacturers are supported.

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Device types

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Days of development

Free Edition



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Free vs Pro

Free Edition

Most popular

Limited functionality


  • Restricted import & export
  • Create and edit Tracks, Routes & POIs
  • Limited to one route
  • No extended routing
  • No route refinement
  • No curve expert KAKIMOTO
  • Videos contain watermark
  • Convenience functions restricted
  • Limited database usage
  • No access to Cloud-Functions
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We are here for you

If you have any questions or requests for extensions, you can easily reach us using this contact form.

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    The First Steps

    This tutorial explains how easy to get started and shows how to use Quick Routing and how to use a planned route with Google Maps for navigation.

    Watch now…

    BMW ConnectedRide Navigator

    Here you will learn how to plan routes and export them to the BMW ConnectedRide Navigator. It also shows the first steps with the new route export.

    Watch now…
    Track of the day, Tutorial, Basics, Jumpstart, Tutorial, UserInterface

    SCENIC iOS Navigation App

    The iOS app SCENIC has many fans and since version 6.0 routes can be exported directly to the Scenic cloud. This video shows how it works.

    Watch now…
    Track of the day, Tutorial, Basics, Jumpstart, Tutorial, UserInterface

    User-Interface Tutorial

    The user interface of Track of the day breaks new ground and is different from other Windows applications. What is behind it and how it works is shown here.

    Watch now…
    Track of the day, Tutorial, Basics, Jumpstart, Einstieg, Erste Schritte, Smart-Folders

    Manage Tracks & Routes with Smart-Folders

    Many users have been using BaseCamp to store all tracks and routes in folders for years. How to manage all of them more easily and clearly is shown here.

    Watch now…
    Track of the day, Tutorial, Basics, Jumpstart, Tutorial, Db, Database

    The Local Database

    As the world’s only route planner, Track of the day can manage all tracks and routes in a local SQL database. How it works and what to consider is shown here.

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    Track of the day, Tutorial, Basics, Jumpstart, Tutorial, Cloud

    Share Tracks & Routes

    This shows how you can easily save tracks and routes in the cloud and share them with other users. Interesting for tour guides and tour guides.

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    Track of the day, Tutorial, Basics, Jumpstart, Einstieg, Erste Schritte, Cache

    Find & Open GPX-Elements again

    If you accidentally close a track or route, it is usually not lost. With the new cache explorer you can find closed elements again.

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    Track of the day, Tutorial, Basics, Jumpstart, Einstieg, Erste Schritte, Search functions

    The new Search Functions

    The new search functions now offer even more convenience and allow routes to be expanded or new stops to be integrated from the search results.

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