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Route planning and analysis not only for motorcyclists

Version 4.2.3 is available

Version 4.2.3 has been available since April 20, 2022. There are many improvements and a wealth of new features in this version. A list of all changes can be found in the release notes.

Release Notes

Planning and analysis

With Track of the Day , tours can be planned simply and easily. Tours recorded in GPX format can be transferred to the computer, displayed and evaluated with one click.

Track of the day - Für GPX Geräte

Route planning

In version 2.0 we have integrated a powerful and very easy-to-use route planner in Track of the day . With just a few clicks you can create routes and immediately see the route, the course, the probable travel time and much more. All routes can be converted into tracks with a single click. Using the integrated StreetView function  all tracks can be traversed virtually in the direction of travel quickly and easily. So you know long before you start what highlights a tour hast to offer.

Track of the day - Für GPX Geräte

Track analysis

With all supported navigation devices, tracks and other data saved in GPX format can be copied to your home computer or laptop with just one click. Tracks can also be opened from a USB stick or the local hard drive. With devices such as the BMW Motorrad Navigator VI , all recorded tracks are automatically sorted by day. The track analysis creates a detailed height profile as well as an evaluation of the speed driven. Tracks can be colored according to altitude and tempo

Track of the day - Für GPX Geräte

Sharing with friends

An animated video in MP4 format can be created from each track with just one click. A tour can be shown in full or in sections as a map. All graphics are created automatically with 300 DPI , so they can be transferred to e-books without any detours. Route sections can easily be marked as particularly beautiful, or off-road, etc. The tracks of several days can be combined into one track and exported to a file, whereby the individual days are retained.

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New in Version 4.x

Version 4.0.0 has been available since November 6, 2021. This new version can be installed parallel to existing older versions. The installation takes place as usual via the Windows Store app.

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Overlays! Plan like the pros

Route planning easy and efficient

Route planning doesn’t have to be complicated. With Track of the day you can plan a route quickly and efficiently without tedious training. For all supported devices there is an export function via the USB interface that only requires a single click. Route planning is no longer easy!

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Track of the day - Für GPX Geräte
Track of the day - Für GPX Geräte

Track analysis with just one click

For all fully supported devices, saved tracks can be copied to your Windows computer over a USB connection with just one click. The tracks are analyzed fully automatically. Elevation profiles and a lot of other information are immediately available.

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FAQ. Frequently asked questions and the right answers.

News & Updates

Track of the day is constantly being developed. You can find all the latest news and lots of tips & tricks here.

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The discussion board is online

  Not every user of Track of the day is on Facebook. With the new discussion board, users who keep an eye on their privacy, now also have the opportunity[…]

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Track of the day - Schnellstart - Jumpstat - Tutorial - Know How


  Track of the day is available in the Microsoft Windows Store for a year now. Tons of new cool features have been added since the first release in January[…]

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Track of the day - Basics


Costs The use of Track of the day is completely free of charge for users. But that doesn’t mean that there are no costs! The hosting of this website, the shop system, the access[…]

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Why we love Track of the day

Working with GPX files has never been so easy. After a tour, you connect your navigation device to your notebook via a USB cable and you can immediately see and evaluate all recorded data, create videos and share them with friends. We have been looking for that for a long time.


Tracks can be copied from GPX-enabled devices with one click. With Streetview you can experience tracks virtually.


Tracks and routes can be rendered as MP4 video with just one click.


Route planning is easier than ever before. There is no need to buy maps. Alternative routes are calculated automatically.


All bitmaps are exported at 300 DPI. A great feature for authors of e-books for motorcyclists

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Device types

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Days of development

Free Edition


Tutorial basic knowledge

In Tutorial #1 gibt es einen Überblick über die Software. Es wird erklärt wie man GPX-Dateien von unterstützen Geräten importiert und GPX-Tracks auswertet und bearbeitet.

GPX know-how tutorial

This tutorial explains in detail and step by step how GPX files are structured and on which technologies they are based. It also explains how to convert GPX tracks into GPX routes and vice versa.

Installation & Updates

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Track of the day, how to uninstall this software and how to install updates via the Windows Store.

Open Windows Store

Route planning madeeasy

The fourth tutorial shows how to use the new route editor as efficiently as possible to plan varied tours. Conversely, converting routes into tracks opens up many new possibilities. Once a route has been converted into a track, the route can be virtually experienced using the street view function. In addition, an MP4 video with a route animation can be created with a single click.


If you have not yet installed an app from the Windows Store , you will be wondering how it works. Not every user has activated the location services on his Windows 10 computer, which hinders the address search. These and many other questions are answered in detail in Tutorial #5.

Free Edition & Pro Edition

Mit Version 3.0 wurde in Track of the day die kostenlose Free Edition eingeführt. Damit wird der Zugang zu Track of the day über den Microsoft Windows-Store stark vereinfacht. Ziel der Free Edition ist, mehr Nutzer zu erreichen und deren Feedback und Anregungen für künftige Versionen einzuholen und langfristiges organisches Wachstum zu ermöglichen. Der Funktionsumfang der Free Edition ist weitgehend identisch zu mit Version 2.1 Alle Lizenzen für Version 2.1 bleiben weiterhin  gültig. Da der Windows-Store keinen Rückkehr zu älteren Versionen vorsieht, wurde Version 2.1 als neues kostenloses Produkt in den Windows-Store eingestellt. Nutzer die Version 2.1 in der Vergangenheit zum Preis von 4,99 Euro  erworben haben, können diese Version jederzeit installieren und dauerhaft uneingeschränkt nutzen.  Für das Update auf die Pro Edition kann eine aktuelle kostenlose Lizenz in unserem Shop erworben werden. So können alle Early Adopters kostenlos auf Version 3.x umsteigen und Support und Updates beziehen.  Die Laufzeit der kostenlosen Lizenzen beträgt 365 Tage.

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