Solving Installation Problems

Solving Installation Problems


With the introduction of the new Chromium-based web browser in version 3.0, the Streetview integration has been greatly improved. The new browser is based on the Chromium framework, which was developed in C++. For this browser to work, the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Components must be installed.

If this component is missing, Track of the day cannot start and only a brief error message is displayed. With version 4.0 it has been possible to integrate a recognition of the C ++ redistributables and, if necessary, to install them.

But this installation can also fail if a virus scanner intervenes. If problems occur during the installation, you should deactivate a virus scanner and start the installation again. Usually it will work then.

The FFMPEG and GPSBABEL components are required so that Track of the day can be used to the full.

FFMPEG is required for generating MP4 videos. If an animated video is created from a track for the first time and FFMPEG is not available, it may be installed automatically. A virus scanner can also block this process here. The free software GPSBABEL is required to export POIs to a TomTom or Garmin device.

You should bear this in mind before attempting to transfer POIs to your navigation device.