The discussion board is online

The discussion board is online

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Not every user of Track of the day is on Facebook. With the new discussion board, users who keep an eye on their privacy, now also have the opportunity to participate completely anonymously in all discussions about Track of the day.

The new discussion forum can be found in the navigation bar of this website under the menu item Forum.

When a new discussion board goes online, the operator has to weigh up between easy user access and a gateway for SPAM of all kinds.

Our board is configured in such a way that all information can be read without registering. If you want to write something yourself, you have to create a free account before. You can enter a nickname. This nickname will appear next to all questions and comments. In order to improve the overview, small icons are displayed for each user, which are selected randomly and automatically.

All topics and comments must be approved by an administrator, this is the only way to prevent SPAM.

I look forward to lively discussions and many suggestions on how Track of the day can be improved and expanded.


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