Overlay Road Closures (EN)


Overlay Road Closures (EN)


Routing Overlay Road Closures

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The routing overlay Route Closures makes it easier to specifically avoid routes that are seasonally closed to motorcycles during route planning. Detours can be easily planned and checked at a glance.

This Routing-Overlay must be installed within Track of the day after downloading. To do this, open the management dialog for Routing-Overlays and click the [ + ] button. Then select the overlay and confirm the file selection dialog with OK.

Further information can be found here: https://www.track-of-the-day.de/manage-routing-overlays

To activate the overlay, with expert mode activated, click on the three-layer button on the left edge of the map. If this button is displayed in orange, the overlay display is active. Another click hides the overlays again. Extensive overlays slow down the map display when panning or zooming in and out of the map. On low-performance computers, it can make sense to hide the overlays when they are not needed.

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