With version 5.14 the regions have been added to Track of the day. Each region has a name, a description, and the address of an associated website. If a route is created in a known region during route planning, a note about this region is displayed.

From version 5.15, each user can also define their own regions. In this way, information on ferry departure times, vignettes, environmental zones and much more can be created.

To open the list of regions, click on the pencil icon of a highlighted region. You can also open the region list from the application settings. You can find them in the User Profile section.

To define a new region, click on the [ + ] button in the list of regions. Alternatively, an existing region can be selected, cloned and then edited. Custom regions are placed in the ..\Documents\Track of the day\Regions\CustomRegions.json folder.

Properties of a region

  • Each region must contain a Language. In this way, you can control that you only receive information about regions that match the language you have set.
  • The region Name must be specified.
  • A short text can be entered in the Description field, which may be displayed as a note next to the set map display.
  • The Url field contains the address of a website. This will open as soon as this regional notice is viewed and clicked on.
    The region itself can be defined via a map control. To do this, the upper left corner (North-West) and the lower right corner (South-East) must be defined. To change the size of a region, move one of the two pushpins NW or SE.