Version 6.0.2

– The routing profiles were saved in the routes but not read in again

Version 6.0.1

– Fixed a problem registering Pro licenses
– Fixed an error when opening the database view in Beginner mode
– Fixed an error when closing and automatically saving to the database in Beginner mode
– Fixed visibility of the Cloud Services button in the Free Edition

Version 6.0 – Details

– A clear, new interactive start page
– New cloud services for easy sharing of routes
– Preselection for the navigation device to be used
– New search dialog that supports multiple monitors
– New dialog for simplified export of routes
– New route export for Scenic, Google Maps, BMW App , BMW Navigator
– TomTom MyDrive replaced by the new TomTom Plan
– Automatic creation of travel plans
– Warnings now also for standard routing
– Range marking
– New Ai functions for research and route suggestions
– Generation of DOCX roadbooks via Ai functions
– Ai- Descriptions for tracks and routes
– Integration of MapChannels for route preview
– Smart folder for more overview
– Quickly find closed tracks and routes with the cache explorer
– Automatically save all window positions with reset function
– Show and hide all map controls
– Create POIs from Breaks
– Wikipedia Integration
– Bing-Travel Integration
– Create POIs from route points
– Conversion from Track -> Route -> Track changed
– Rubber band mode for quick route changes

Version 5.17

– Bug fixes

Version 5.16

– Bug fixes

Version 5.15

– User profiles beginner, advanced, expert
– Context menus simplified
– AR export for route export (automatic refinement)
– Ignore highways when refining route and AR export 
– Regional tips and offers
– Special export options for BMW Motorrad app (iOS, Android)
– New search for campsites and parking spaces with POI function
– Google Maps 3D view with planning function via Google POIs
– POI export in ASC format for TRIPY II
– Advanced routing with warnings and traffic jam reports
– POI LiveView for quick and clear POI management
– ​​POI Snapshots for a quick POI overview for each route
– XSLX export for route display with Microsoft Excel revised
– DOCX export for route display with Microsoft Word revised
– POIs in DOCX documents now also have the distance to the start
– POI display as “flags”
– Quick creation for POI via shift + left click
– Google Streetview popup can now be moved
– Automatic search of Microsoft Streetside images when importing POI
– POI super search can now search POI along the active route
– Size of the icons can be adjusted when exporting POI (Garmin Zumo XT )
– Handling of USB devices reimplemented
– USB device selection reimplemented
– Automatic USB device detection improved
– Additional USB devices (Garmin zumo XT, TomTom Rider, TomTom Urban Rider and many more)
– The application settings can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel

Version 5.0.0

– 24 individually configurable map views
– Virtual Garage (CTRL+G)
– Routing Profiles (CTRL+P)
– Truck Routing
– Gas station finder
– POI super search
– Improved KAKIMOTO
– POI export with alerts and warning sounds
– Export to GARMIN devices via GARMIN POI-Loader
– Extended TravelDaySplitting
– New shortcuts for setting route and via points (CTRL+click, CTRL+SHIFT+click)
– New Google StreetView quick view (ALT+click)
– Newly implemented dialog „Refine route“.
– „Search POIs along the route“ function newly implemented
– Validation for POIs (address, street type, speed limit, elevation)
– Export & import of the entire database
– Revised routing preferences
– Advanced video rendering
– Individual routing profiles for each segment of a route
– New routing type „Beeline“
– CESIUM 3D terrain viewer
– Routing warnings
– Traffic map
– Weather Maps
– Stability and performance improvements

Version 4.2.3

– Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.2.2

– New dialog „Validate POIs“
– Routes can now be opened in Google Maps
– Routes from Google Maps can be imported with one click
– Google Maps routes can be opened in the Edge browser and sent to a smartphone
– Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.2.0

– Routing services updated
– Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.1

– Support for full screen (Alt + F, Ctrl + Alt + F)
– Cockpit when creating MP4 videos
– MP4 videos can now be created from routes
– Quick-Routing (Ctrl + Q, Ctrl + Alt + Q)
– The Chinese supercurve expert Kakimoto
– Generation of road books in DOCX format
– Icon editor for POI types and categories
– Icon selection based on FontAwesome
– Search pois along a track or a route
– Dividing long routes to travel days
– New cockpit when creating MP4 videos (F5)
– Full screen support for MP4 videos
– New map type Aerial view without labels
– Extended items for card control
– Support for Shaping Points (Garmin Devices)
– New database tables Poityping and Poicingy
– Moving POIs in the POI Editor
– Change new context menus POI type and change POI category
– New dialog for the address search
– Create a new database in the settings dialog
– Revised dialogue for the analysis
– Analysis now for routes
– Metrics and height profiles now also for routes
– Revised info lines for tracks and routes
– Display the GEO position of the last click on the map
– Copy the GEO position to the Windows clipboard
– Centering of the map changed when changing the selection
– General improvement of stability

Version 4.0.0

– Revised route planner
– Revised Streetview integration
– Streetview now also supports calculated route points
– Route animations now also work for routes
– SQL database for tracks, routes and POIs
– Search function for all elements within the database
– Import of GEO-coded photos in JPG, JPEG or HEIC format
– Support for directly connected iPhone
– iCloud integration for GEO encoded photos
– Support for POI files in Garmin CSV format with options for individual POIs
– Support for POIs from Google Maps in GeoJSON format
– New POI search based on Google Maps
– Adding POIs from Google Maps or Google Streetview with one click
– Automatic creation of screenshots and linking to the POI
– Export and import for POIs to Garmin and TomTom devices in the respective native data format
– Split and assemble routes
– Creation of round tours for motorcycle / car or hikes
– Batch conversion of all loaded tracks into routes and vice versa
– Automatic refinement of routes with few route points
– New modal web browser for POI search and Google Streetview
– Compact and extended view for POIs
– Automatic removal of small dead ends in tracks
– Greatly improved performance
– Improvement of the stability
– New diagnostic function

Version 2.x, 3.x and 4.x can be installed in parallel on the same computer.

Version 3.0.3

– Problem when adding licenses with region setting „USA“ fixed
– Automatic detection of the current location improved

Version 3.0.2

– Integration of the tour planner from MOTORRAD online
– Automatic detection of TomTom devices improved
– If a route is selected, „Start route here“ inserts a new starting point
– Bug fixes

Version 3.0.0

– Completely free „Free Edition“
– Upgrade to „Pro Edition“ with Pro license from
– New Chrome-based browser for street view and hotel search
– Info pages: Weather, Calimoto, Kurviger, TomTom MyDrive, ADAC, Falk, Komoot, and many more.
– Automatic transfer of routes and tracks from Calimoto, Kurviger and TomTom MyDrive etc.
– Integrated hotel search via with POIs, GPS positions and Google Streetview
– Automatic generation of round trips in the current map section
– Automatic search and removal of dead ends from tracks
– Routes to and from a point
– Support for TomTom navigation devices including GPX and ITN
– Automatic creation of routing overlays for selected tracks
– Manually or automatically controlled home location
– Automatic determination of the degree of difficulty, number of curves, curviness, maximum altitude, cumulative altitude, etc.
– Automatic generation of elevation profiles for tracks without elevation data
– Fully integrated POIs (initially only hotels)
– Context menus for tracks and routes
– Function: Export current route / all routes to the device
– Various bug fixes and stability improvements