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Track of the day, Version 5.8

Rest in Peace – BaseCamp

  Version 5.8 Track of the day – Version 5.8 is now available in the Microsoft Windows Store app. The new features are shown in this video. Some power users of the Garmin BaseCamp software helped with the conception and testing of the new functions. Since BaseCamp has not been developed further since 2018, they…
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Discussion, Track of the day, Forum

The discussion board is online

  Not every user of Track of the day is on Facebook. With the new discussion board, users who keep an eye on their privacy, now also have the opportunity to participate completely anonymously in all discussions about Track of the day. The new discussion forum can be found in the navigation bar of this…
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Track of the day - Schnellstart - Jumpstat - Tutorial - Know How


  Track of the day is available in the Microsoft Windows Store for a year now. Tons of new cool features have been added since the first release in January 2021. The number of feature and what can be done is now enormous. To simplify using this application, a Jumpstart is available as a PDF…
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Track of the day - Basics


Costs The use of Track of the day is completely free of charge for users. But that doesn’t mean that there are no costs! The hosting of this website, the shop system, the access to the Microsoft Windows Store, the use of libraries and controls, the access to the Bing Maps services, all of this costs money. So that these…
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Track of the day - Version 4.x

Track of the day 4.x is available

  With Version 4, Track of the day has been improved in many details and expanded extensively. The most obvious innovation is an integrated SQL database for tracks, routes and POIs. Geocoded photos can now be easily imported, and each photo is automatically turned into a point-of-interest POI. Dynamic search terms enable filter queries. Even…
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